On The Issues


It should not take anyone twenty minutes to drive three miles. We need smart, responsive transportation solutions in Broad Run for the daily congestion we face on our roadways. I will work with and listen to communities directly affected by traffic problems in our district, such as the neighborhoods surrounding Waxpool and Smith Switch roads.


The development of transit infrastructure needs to match the growth of our community. With the emergence of new business and the eventual introduction of two new Metro stations within the district, we need to prioritize user-friendly, multi-modal public transportation policies now more than ever. We can also preempt Metro-related congestion problems by drawing from successful policies pursued by peer districts across the Metro service region.  


As of 2018, nearly 90% of the bus stops within Loudoun County (including local services as well as Metro Connections and Park & Ride lots) fail to be compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act. We need to invest in a robust public bus system that caters to not only able-bodied individuals but also to those in our community with disabilities. I celebrate both local and state level efforts to study and outline the needs of commuters with disabilities, and I will work with local disability advocates to pursue improvements at the municipal level.

Connecting our Communities

I am committed to connecting the sidewalks and pathways in our community. It is neither right nor safe to be walking in a roadway to get to a nearby destination. This is especially the case for seniors and children. I have witnessed far too many near misses on our roads. As a community member, I am concerned for the safety of pedestrians in our area.


I want to ensure that the Board of Supervisors and School Board members are on the same page with each other about education priorities in Broad Run and in Loudoun County, at large. Issues like school overcrowding, lack of resources and staffing, and the need for mental health professionals within the school system are some of the largest issues faced by schools in our area. As a teacher and a parent, I know that the demands of the education system can be met more readily by not only fully funding our school system, but also by making sure that the Board of Supervisors and School Board members meet jointly and regularly to discuss these issues and priorities.


I believe that county employees should be able to live in the area they work, and that retired seniors should be able to age in place without fear of having to move due to the rising cost of housing. I want our children to be able to return from college and actively participate in their communities and start their own families, not move away because they cannot afford their first home here. I want to work with developers within small area plans to ensure that seniors, county employees, and single-income earners have ample affordable housing options within Broad Run.